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The School Network project is our first big endeavor to transform the learning space within a public school in an urban community. This initiative is in collaborative partnership with The Education Alliance, a non-profit organization that works closely with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation on their School Quality Enhancement Program (SQEP).

The objective of this program is to bridge the socio-economic gap and ensure that all children have access to a quality education comparable to those available to children from higher income schools at no cost. Some of the key focus areas of SQEP are to increase enrolment, improve attendance, introduce innovative teaching & learning methods and engage in progressive classroom practices.

This collaboration will be a unique opportunity for us to impact a government school in the capital city of India, and work towards transforming it as a center of excellence. Our first step towards that will be to take over two grades (Nursery & Grade 1) in a selected school in South Delhi, and focus on strengthening the quality of learning & teaching, innovate the curriculum and transform the school culture to a more robust learning environment. Currently we’re in the process of finalizing our program design and operational logistics for this project. We’re expected to start in the academic year of 2017.

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