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Pravina Thapa – Instructional Leader

Pravina is a traveler at heart. She joined the Teach for India Fellowship in 2015 because she wanted to undertake an entirely different journey – one that involves exploration and experimentation. She believes that children lean best from their environment and teaches them to observe and engage more deeply with their surroundings. It is this journey that has brought her to SEF. She envisions that her children will learn through fun and play because nothing stays with you longer than something learnt through enjoyment. She’s currently leading a primary grade classroom as part of the Simple School Project in Delhi.



We’re always looking for passionate and dedicated individuals who share our philosophy and vision of transforming access to quality education for all children, everywhere. If you’re interested in any of our projects, and feel like you have the right skills and mindset to be part of our dynamic team, then do share your resume and a cover note on what makes you an ideal team player at SEF. Reach out to us on the same email ID, if you’d wish to volunteer with us as well. joinus@simpleeducationfoundation.org

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